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Ground Nesting Birds


Ground Nesting Birds

In an earlier article, we looked at nesting behaviour in wild birds and how you could use this knowledge to encourage birds to nest in your garden. In that article we talked about birds that nest in trees, hedges, […]

Incredible Journeys – Bird Migration Explained


Reading Time: 11 minutes While many species of bird make the UK their home all year round, some just visit for the summer or winter months and then head off to distance shores for the rest of the year. In this blog, we examine bird migration, taking a deep look into one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena to find out more about what makes it possible.

Wildlife Project on Our Doorstep is a Wonderful Initiative


Reading Time: 7 minutes As a business that makes top-quality feeds and homes for wildlife, we like to support grassroots initiatives that care for wild birds and animals and creates space for them to flourish. That’s why we were delighted to find a project creating a habitat for wildlife in Gilberdyke, the village next to where we’re based.

A Guide to Greenfinches


Reading Time: 9 minutes Greenfinches might not have the range of colours of their Goldfinch cousins, but they are still have a spectacular plummage. They are also viewed as one of the best starter birds you can buy by many aviary keepers because they tend to be fairly hardy, have a good song, and don’t have any specific needs that require the management of an experienced keeper.

Wrens – Tiny Birds with Huge Voices


Reading Time: 9 minutes The Wren is one of the birds we get asked about most often. Whereas the majority of people know about and can readily identify a Robin, Blue Tit, or Sparrow, they’re less confident about Wrens in terms of behaviour, when, where and how to see them, and what food to put out.

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