Providing highly nutritious, highly palatable foods for aviary birds is in our DNA. It’s part of why we call ourselves ‘The Avian Nutritionists’. We have been formulating and making the finest feeds for Canaries, Budgies, and Finches for more than 140 years. From blends made for companion birds to scientific diets created for top class show breeders, all of our feeds comprise of human-grade ingredients. All are balanced to provide the perfect combination of nutrients to support growth, health and wellbeing. We also create blends to help your birds through the more stressful times of their lives, such as moulting, and those that bring your precious show birds into breeding condition. We pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of the needs of the aviary bird community and creating blends that exceed expectations.

Your Guide to Feeding Budgies, Canaries, and Finches

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health when caring for budgies, canaries and finches. Poor nutrition can have serious consequences and malnutrition remains a common source of health problems for aviary birds. So, as ‘avian nutritionists’, we’ve produced this guide to help you ensure your bird has a long, healthy, happy life.

Our Aviary Bird Blends – and Which Birds They’re Best For

A complete guide to all the blends we produce for budgies, canaries, finches and other aviary birds. We breakdown the ingredients in detail and walk you through the nutritional benefits of each blend, as well as highlighting which species the blend is suitable for.

Our Recent Posts Giving Advice and Guidance on Aviary Birds

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Claim Your Free Feeding Guides and Feeding Chart Posters

Our Johnston & Jeff guides to the current range of aviary bird foods includes useful information on all of the blends and the ingredients used. Simply click through and fill out the form so we can post you a copy. We will also include a free copy of our large feeding chart poster.

Some of Our Favourite Aviary Bird Websites

There is so much information about everything to do with budgies, finches, canaries, and other aviary birds on the internet and it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to bird-keeping. We thought it would be a great idea if we linked you to some of our favourite aviary bird sites, forums, and societies.