Wildlife Project on Our Doorstep is a Wonderful Initiative

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As a business that makes top-quality feeds and homes for wildlife, we like to support grassroots initiatives that care for wild birds and animals and creates space for them to flourish.

That’s why we were delighted to find such a project on our own doorstep, creating a habitat for wildlife in Gilberdyke, the village next to where we’re based.

Since the 19th Century, Gilberdyke has had a large pond in the south of the village originally used as a mill pond for the flax processing industry. However, production ceased in 1930 and eventually the pond was renamed to become what it is known as today – Jubilee Pond – which is enjoyed by local residents who like to fish there, or just to watch the wildlife.

Recently, a group of dedicated local residents established the Jubilee Pond Working Group to ensure it is managed as best as it can be for people and wildlife alike.

The Group is in ongoing talks with both the Environment Agency and Wildlife Trust and is working alongside these organisations to ensure the habitat is safe, suitable, and will encourage wildlife to stay and/or return to the site.

Members also reach out to local businesses for support, and impressed by what they wanted to do, we jumped at the chance to get involved.

As a result, Johnston & Jeff recently donated three hedgehog houses, three swift nest boxes, three sparrow terraces, and bird feed to the project.

We will also be donating feed on an ongoing basis, to ensure all the birds that make Jubilee Pond their home, and those just stopping by, have plenty to eat to keep them in the best condition.

Maddy Johston, Marketing and Media Manager at Johnston & Jeff, said everyone at the company was delighted to get involved and support such a wonderful initiative.

She said: “The Jubilee Pond is a fantastic asset to Gilberdyke and is loved by just about everyone who lives in the village.

“But to ensure it remains so, a number of dedicated residents have taken it upon themselves to enhance it even further, putting wildlife at the heart of what they are trying to achieve.

“We absolutely love this and were keen to support it in any way we could as soon as we heard about it.

“Grassroots action like this is fantastic for communities and for wildlife, which is why we were delighted to donate a number of hand-crafted wooden bird and hedgehog homes, and feed on an ongoing basis, to the group.

“It’s great to see a project like this happening on our doorstep and we’d like to thank the Jubilee Working Group for inviting us to get involved.”

The bird boxes were donated were fixed in place by local resident Sami Tarhuni along with his son Rocco, and we’re hoping that along with the feed, they will attract a lot more birds to the area for residents to feed, watch and enjoy.

The hedgehog houses will form the core of a hedgehog habitat designed by Group member Mike Whitley.

Mike recently undertook some training about hedgehogs which has enabled him to create an area that will keep them safe throughout the winter.

Helen Baker of the Jubilee Pond Working Group, said: “The Jubilee Pond Working Group want to pass on huge thanks to all at Johnston & Jeff for their support and we’re looking forward to working together in the future.”

Anyone interested in find out more about the Jubilee Pond Working Group can do so on their Facebook group, here.

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