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A Guide to Parrot Housing and Enrichment


Reading Time: 7 minutes Once you’ve decided on the type of parrot that’s best for you, it’s time to think about getting an enclosure for your new pet to live in. Obviously, you will need to buy the enclosure before you pick up your bird as it will need somewhere to live straight away, and you want it to get ...

What do Blackbirds Eat?


Reading Time: 6 minutes No British garden would be complete without its share of Blackbirds, a species that seems to be inextricably linked with the UK. Perhaps this is because, like the Robin, the Blackbird has been immortalised in the traditional English song, in this case the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence.

Which Parrot is Right for You?


Reading Time: 7 minutes Owning a parrot is an extremely rewarding experience. Parrots of all types are intelligent, fun, entertaining and engaging, and because of these qualities make fantastic companions. But with more than 400 different species to choose from, deciding which one is right for ...

A Year in the Life of a Songbird


Reading Time: 9 minutes A year is a long time in the life of a songbird, and a lot of events happen over that time that take their toll on the birds in your garden. Nesting, breeding, rearing young, adverse weather, all fuel a demand for high quality nutrition to ensure birds and their chicks survive everything nature throws at them.

Finch Facts – Which One is Right for You?


Reading Time: 7 minutes Finches are among the most diverse species of aviary birds and range from the incredible colours and beauty of the Gouldian Finch to the calmer brown hues of the Bengalese Finch, with almost every combination in between. They have a very long association with people, with the first records ...

Supporting Conservation by Adopting Exotic Bird Species


Reading Time: 6 minutes Feeding time at the zoo has never been so exciting for two exotic bird species at Chester Zoo. The Pekin Robins and Wrinkled Hornbills at the charity zoo have both been officially adopted by us. We will donate bird food to the value of £3,000 to Chester Zoo each year, to help feed the large number of birds there.

Friends for Life – Parrot Lifespans Explained


Reading Time: 5 minutes Parrots are the longest living order of birds, so it is no surprise that how long do parrots live is a question we regularly get asked. However, it’s not always easy to answer because there is huge variation in the lifespans of the different species, and with more than 400 ...

New ‘superfood’ to Ensure Wild Birds get Enough Calcium


Reading Time: 6 minutes We are really excited to be launching a new superfood to ensure wild birds get sufficient calcium in their diet. Dried Calciworms – the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly  – are a fantastic supplement to our range of premium quality wild bird feeds and typically contain around 50 times more calcium than other insects.