Give Your Conure a Health Fix with our Latest Mix

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Johnston & Jeff has conjured up a new blend for Conures to help owners keep their pets healthy.

Conure Mix has been developed by the leading Yorkshire manufacturer in partnership with top breeder Cheryl Robinson of Riverside Aviaries, resulting in a blend specifically formulated for this type of parrot.

The species-specific food contains 24 individual ingredients. When combined, these include high levels of calcium and protein which are vital to Conure well-being.

It is suitable for all types of Conure, and the ingredients provide a wide variety of colours, textures, tastes, and smells, providing endless enrichment, meaning it helps safeguard their mental health as well.

Maddy Johnston, Marketing and Media Manager at Johnston & Jeff, said the company had developed Conure Mix to help keepers and breeders promote a lifelong well-being of their Conures.

Maddy said: “Conures in particular are vulnerable to vitamin A and calcium deficiencies and these can cause serious issues for these wonderful little parrots.

“Vitamin A deficiency causes the bird’s cells to stop secreting mucus, meaning they have much less protection against disease. This quickly leads to secondary infections which in some cases, can be fatal.

“Calcium deficiency is linked to a number of unpleasant symptoms including heart disorders, rickets, feather plucking, seizures, and much more.

“So, it is essential to ensure these conditions are not allowed to develop and the good news is they can be prevented with the right feeding regime.”

Maddy added that such deficiencies are often caused by a diet that doesn’t have the right balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

“This is why we’ve developed Conure Mix,” she said, “to provide a fully nutritionally balanced, premium quality and highly palatable blend that is guaranteed to support health.

“It has a high concentration of protein and calcium to support muscle and bone structure, small seeds for carbohydrate and dried fruit and vegetables, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds to provide a full range of other essential nutrients.

“We believe feeding Conure Mix, as part of a balanced diet, is the most effective way to avoid disease brought about by nutritional deficiency.”

Conure Mix joins the company’s extensive range of speciality and species-specific feeds including Galah Mix, Low Sunflower for African Greys and Lovebird Mix.

Breeder, Cheryl Robinson, added: “35 years of breeding at Riverside Aviaries and perfecting our conures’ diet with Johnston & Jeff’s high-quality blends and ingredients, has ensured happy and healthy captive birds.

Conure Mix is the perfect blend, and we’ve allowed our birds to be the ones that approve that.”

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