Scottish Tonic (Type 88)

Like Budgie Tonic (Type 22), Scottish Tonic (Type 88) is another protein-based compound feedstuff for budgies.

We created this blend in partnership with top breeder Robbie Knox and the recipe include a high proportion of natural groats. Natural groats are superior to stabilised groats as they have a higher protein content.

This is a fantastic and highly nutritious bird food, but it is advisable to supplement with separate pots of Jap millet when youngsters are in the nest.

Composition: naked oats, panicum millet, aniseed oil, yellow millet, plain canary seed, red millet, black rapeseed, pinhead oatmeal, niger seed, linseed, mawseed, and hempseed.

Suitable for: Budgerigars, Canaries, British Finches, and Parakeets.

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