Robin Nest Boxes

Some birds, such as Robins, prefer an open-fronted nesting area. Our range of Robin Nest Boxes are made from 15mm saw falling redwood for good insulation and protection for nesting birds. A non-toxic water-based stain is also used for longevity.

There are four nest boxes in total, each with a different roof – a Natural Roof in larch, a Shingle Roof in dark oak, a Grooved Roof in forest green and a Slate Roof.

Suitable for: Robins, Blackbirds and Wrens

Dimensions for Natural Roof [mm]: 212H x 238W x 120D

Dimensions for Shingle Roof [mm]: 210H x 260W x 125D

Dimensions for Grooved Roof [mm]: 216H x 238W x 120D

Dimensions for Slate Roof [mm]: 218H x 243W x 120D