Parrots –How to Manage Coming Out of Lockdown


Reading Time: 7 minutes Covid-19 has put a huge amount of stress on all of us, whether we’ve suffered from the virus or not. It’s no wonder people have turned to pets for companionship, fun, stress relief and entertainment in large numbers. But, with lockdown restrictions now loosening, and homeworking being wound down, there are fresh challenges on the horizon for everyone, not least for the birds and animals in our lives.

A Guide to Common Parrot Welfare Issues and Parrot Illnesses


Reading Time: 10 minutes As responsible pet owners, it’s our duty to ensure we provide top-notch care for our parrots. This starts with basic duties such as feeding the right food at the right times, keeping their enclosure clean, spending time with your pet, and allowing them to get as much exercise as they need ...

Talking Parrots – What You Need to Know to Get Started


Reading Time: 6 minutes Many people are first attracted to parrots because of their ability to ‘talk’. And you can understand why. Often, talking parrots are hilarious and a large section of YouTube is given over to entertaining videos of parrots cracking jokes and generally saying funny things. But how is it a species of ...

A Guide to Parrot Housing and Enrichment


Reading Time: 7 minutes Once you’ve decided on the type of parrot that’s best for you, it’s time to think about getting an enclosure for your new pet to live in. Obviously, you will need to buy the enclosure before you pick up your bird as it will need somewhere to live straight away, and you want it to get ...

Which Parrot is Right for You?


Reading Time: 7 minutes Owning a parrot is an extremely rewarding experience. Parrots of all types are intelligent, fun, entertaining and engaging, and because of these qualities make fantastic companions. But with more than 400 different species to choose from, deciding which one is right for ...

Friends for Life – Parrot Lifespans Explained


Reading Time: 5 minutes Parrots are the longest living order of birds, so it is no surprise that how long do parrots live is a question we regularly get asked. However, it’s not always easy to answer because there is huge variation in the lifespans of the different species, and with more than 400 ...