How to Tame (Train!) Your Budgie


Reading Time: 10 minutes One question we get asked fairly often is how to tame a Budgie. We’ve always found this a bit of a strange enquiry because like most birds that live in flocks in the wild, Budgies are very sociable and enjoy human company. As such, they don’t need to be tamed per se.

Budgies – the UK’s Favourite Pet Bird


Reading Time: 6 minutes Budgies – also known as parakeets – are the most popular companion bird in the UK and it is easy to see why. These colourful little birds are every bit as intelligent as their bigger cousins, but at just seven or so inches in height, they take up much less room than an African Grey or ...

Canaries – the Musicians of the Aviary Bird World


Reading Time: 6 minutes When it comes to aviary birds, the undisputed king of the call is the canary. Just as the beautiful, bright colours attract people to the Gouldian finch, and the ability of the African Grey to talk makes them so popular, the melodious song of the humble canary is the number one reason ...

Finch Facts – Which One is Right for You?


Reading Time: 7 minutes Finches are among the most diverse species of aviary birds and range from the incredible colours and beauty of the Gouldian Finch to the calmer brown hues of the Bengalese Finch, with almost every combination in between. They have a very long association with people, with the first records ...

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