Wild Bird Food

Contains: black sunflower, red dari, natural groats, millet, cut maize, wheat, various small seeds, vegetable oil.

An all year round seed blend with a higher proportion of black oil sunflowerseeds to ensure correct nutritional values. Designed to attract the widest variety of birds possible while using one type of feed. Contains small seeds as well as cereals plus vegetable oil to increase feeding values. Does NOT contain cheap fillers such as whole oats which have little nutritional value. Excellent for hanging feeders and can also be fed from a table. If two feeding points are used (feeder and table) then there are very few birds which will not take this mix.

Superior Wild Bird Food - Husk Free

Contains: sunflower hearts, red dari, natural groats, millet, cut maize, wheat, rapeseed, currants with aniseed and vegetable oils.

A husk free mix means no mess around the feeding area but more importantly a higher nutrient level and energy intake for the birds, AND it's safer for them - birds are constantly on the look out for predators so foods which they can eat straightaway are of huge benefit. Also contains fruit for blackbirds, starlings and song thrushes so will attract a wider variety of birds than the standard mix. Plus we only use small raisins so that the mix will still flow through a tubular feeder. Flavoured with aniseed oil as an attractant and a digestive aid, and with vegetable oil to increase food value.

Premium Wild Bird Food - Husk-Free, Wheat Free, with suet

Contains: sunflower hearts, red dari, white dari, naked oats, millet, peanut granules, cut maize, suet pellets, canary seed, wild seeds. Aniseed and vegetable oil.

The ultimate all year round wild bird food, an outstanding mix. A totally wheat free, husk free blend with a high proportion of sunflower hearts which are taken by almost all birds and are a high energy, easily digestible food source. However, this is a proper seed mix and there are 10 other ingredients plus around 20 different types of naturally occurring wild seeds. The suet pellets are energy rich with the yellow pellets containing insects (insectivorous protein) and the red pellets containing berries (Vitamin C and antioxidants). Naturally occurring wild seeds attract the small beaked seed eating birds and they also benefit from the natural groats, millet and peanut nibs. Aniseed oil and vegetable oil are added to this mix.


We do 3 types of whole, shelled peanuts. They differ by oil content, calorific value and therefore protein level. Country of origin for all our types can vary because of different harvesting periods but nothing is allowed which comes below our high grade Standard Peanut (we don't do a 'basic level', the energy and oil content would not be high enough for us).

We always test monkey nuts and sunflower for mould and aspergillus.

Premium Peanuts
These are superior peanuts from the Spanish type varieties that are grown for their higher oil content. Usually chosen from Indian Java, Chinese Hsuji 60/70, South African natals or Brazilian Lightskins.

Standard peanuts
We choose Runner or Virginia varieties, and find the best are generally Indian bold, Chinese Virginia & South American Runner. These are high in oils, proteins and energy and although marginally less specialised than our Premium Peanuts, are an invaluable high energy and digestible food source.

Johnston & Jeff recommend that whole peanuts are ONLY fed from a wire mesh feeder because smaller birds and fledglings can choke on them. It is for this reason that we do not include whole peanuts in any of our blends which can be fed from a tubular feeder or table top.

Peanut Granules

These are very fine grade pieces of peanut including the nib. Confectioners remove nibs to increase the shelf life of products like peanut butter. But it's the nib which contains the majority of all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements of the peanut as well as being high in oils and protein, which of course is why we use them. So our granules have excellent nutritional value, are high in energy and are easily digestible. And they're good for fledglings and small birds who can't handle whole peanuts but need the nutrients. All our peanut pieces are finely sieved before they are added to make sure that whole peanuts haven't slipped in. PLEASE ONLY FEED WHOLE PEANUTS FROM WIRE MESH FEEDERS.

Monkey Nuts

Peanuts in the shell - makes birds work for their food. Members of the Tit family will often tackle these rather than go for the easier, kernel option.

Black Oil Sunflower seeds

High energy, excellent food source.

Sunflower Hearts

Bakery grade kernels (husk free) from black oil sunflower seeds, so have the highest levels of oil and therefore energy.

Robin and Songbird Mix

Contains: sunflower hearts, peanut granules, pinhead oatmeal, millet, gammarus, mealworm, vegetable oil - all small high energy pieces, easily digestible.

Specifically designed for Robins this mix can also be fed as an all year round high energy feed for all birds. It includes pinhead oatmeal because this provides high energy plus essential high carb - it is chopped to a pinhead size for all small and slender beaked birds. Sunflower hearts are from the black oil sunflower so have the highest available energy values of all the sunflower varieties. Gammarus is a small dried shrimp which offers high protein values similar to mealworms which also have high fat and good insectivorous protein. Peanut granules are very fine grade pieces of peanut including the nib, which is the part of the peanut containing the highest levels of nutrients. It is critical that whole peanuts don't get into this blend which would put the smaller birds and fledglings at risk (whole peanuts shouldn't be fed from a table or tubular feeder). We sieve all chopped peanuts before they are added to make sure that whole peanuts aren't included.

Ground and Table Mix

A high energy food specially designed for birds which feed from ground or table not hanging feeders. Menu includes fruit loved by blackbirds and thrushes, plus small peanut granules so can be fed all year round and won't harm fledglings.

Composition: Flaked Maize, black sunflower, wheat, milocorn, safflower, peanut granules, currents/raisins, chopped apricot, vegetable oil.

Niger Seed

Superb little seed, easily digestible, high in oils, protein [19%] and energy. Loved by Finches and Tits.

Suet/ Fat Balls

The key ingredient in fat balls is suet. Suet is pure refined animal or vegetable fat and is one of the most concentrated and easily metabolised energy foods for wild birds. It gives them instant vigour, and they love it. It's a superb all-year-round food, and can even cope with hard frost.

Our fat balls are made to our own tried and tested recipe and to the same exacting standards as our mixtures. The only other ingredients are cereals and seeds. We never use bulking materials such as sand and waste products. We love our birds and want them to be healthy.

Our Fat Balls are available in a variety of sizes and can be bought singly or in nets or individually wrapped without nets. This type of packaging is to keep this excellent food in good condition. Fat balls should be fed in addition to other foods - they provide much needed energy for the birds and are an acceptable substitute for insect protein, which is lacking from a wild bird's diet in winter. Fledglings in particular need insect protein for healthy growth and development, so it is important to continue feeding fat balls all year round.

Spring & Summer Mix

This is an important product in the feeding calendar, and we know from our own feeding stations that the birds absolutely love it.

Why important? Spring is a difficult and extremely demanding time for wild birds. They have to cope with winter stress, then they are straight into nest building and trying to get into good breeding condition. This blend has been designed to help them do just that. It is a special mix of essential high energy ingredients combining the right minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins for rebuilding strength and for high quality egg production. This blend is also key to skeletal and tissue growth in fledglings and building up the immune system. Plus it contains aniseed, excellent for digestion and an attractant, helping the birds find their way to these essential foods.

Composition: sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, millet, groats, niger seed, jap type millet, oyster shell grit (a good calcium source), milo, split maize, suet pellets with insects, suet pellets with berries, dried mealworm, vegetable oil (human consumption grade) and aniseed oil.

Dried Mealworms

Excellent source of high energy proteins providing essential all year round feeding, particularly for fledglings and for adult birds.

Wild Finch Mix

Contains: niger seed, safflower, mixed wild seeds, canary seed, hempseed, red millet, linseed, and  rapeseed. It’s very high in oils, a wonderful mix of seed types, and highly palatable.

“We have been blending foods for British and European Finches for decades, even before we started developing ranges for wild birds. Finches have particular needs,  and those in the wild have extra requirements. They do eat our other blends because these include foods which suit them, but this is just for them, and they LOVE it.

“Wild Finch is currently in 12.75kg bags but other pack sizes are in development.”


We do a huge range of specials and non-blended foods - about 125 products at the moment, excluding the eggfoods and pelleted foods. Please contact us if you have a special requirement and we'll do our best to help. Here is a selection of our general and speciality seeds, with their pack weights:

white milletseed 20kg
panicum milletseed 20kg
Japanese millet 12.5kg
red milletseed 20kg
medium striped sunflowerseed 10kg
small dark sunflowerseed 12.5kg
white sunflowerseed 10kg
black sunflowerseed 12.75kg
safflowerseed 12.5kg
hempseed 12.5kg
black rapeseed 12.5kg
whole linseed - triple screened 12.5kg
blue mawseed 12.5kg
naked oats 20kg
pinhead oatmeal 25kg
whole groats 25kg
flaked maize 20kg
flaked peas 20kg
flaked what 20kg
flaked barley 20kg