Wild Finch

Johnston & Jeff have just released their latest wild bird food, this time for wild Finch species.

This special blend contains niger seed, safflower, mixed wild seeds, canary seed, hempseed, red millet, linseed, and  rapeseed. It’s very high in oils, a wonderful mix of seed types, and highly palatable.

“We have been blending foods for British and European Finches for decades, even before we started developing ranges for wild birds. Finches have particular needs,  and those in the wild have extra requirements. They do eat our other blends because these include foods which suit them, but this is just for them, and they LOVE it. “Wild Finch is currently in 12.75kg bags but other pack sizes are in development.”

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"It's logical. Fit Solar PV cells to your roof and you will save on energy costs. More importantly, you will use less of our dwindling natural resources." 

Richard Johnston, MD of Johnston & Jeff, is not naturally given to talking about ecological issues and declaiming green credentials. But there is one environmental subject which he is champions, and is now investing in - energy production. 

"Our processes use a lot of energy. Every batch of food we produce is cleaned over and over again. Quality is everything. Quality of ingredients, where the crops of grown, how they are produced. It's therefore right to take this a stage further and use our premises to produce our own energy. Solar Photovoltaics are an excellent development and we are building our own 50 kilowatt site. So far as I am aware, we are the first to do this in this industry. We are certainly among the first in this region to develop such a significant site. But we depend on the environment for our raw materials so this approach is absolutely right." 

Company Statement

Our approach is Simple. Good food, intelligently blended and developed to give the right levels of nutrients, richness and variety, class ingredients, immaculately prepared and produced. 

 Ingredients? Some companies buy on price alone, and buy whatever they can, regardless of source and condition. That's not our way. We have a network of partner growers, and they all know exactly the type and quality of product we will accept - without exception. They know not only because we have built up relationships with them over many years, but because we have visited farms not just in the UK but wherever the ingredients we want are grown. We have looked at everything with them - the way crops are grown and harvested, handled, packed and shipped. Seeds must not be damaged in any way, or get damp through condensation or poor storage - this reduces the nutritional value, and degrades the seed. It might cost a little more to do this properly and take more time to get right, but such care means that these ingredients reach the final stage of their journey already surpassing the standards met by others. And then they go through our extensive cleaning and grading process. 

And one more thing. We don't use cheap fillers. Ever. At best, these are dangerous and degrading. We've seen fat balls which are a minimum 20 sand. The price may be attractive, but what, exactly, are you buying?